RoGUILTLESSPLASTIC, the international project co-curated by Rossana Orlandi and daughter Nicoletta Orlandi Brugnoni, returns for its second edition with set design by Massimiliano Locatelli, from 28 September to 4 October 2020, postponed until Oct. 7th. The exhibition will be held at the “Leonardo da Vinci” National Science and Technology Museum, chosen by Rossana Orlandi for its iconic status in the design and communication world. They have chosen one of the Cloisters within the museum, recently restored to its former splendor thanks to the intervention of the Municipality of Milan and the Lombardy Region.

The exhibition program is centered around two exhibitions: WE ARE NATURE and Ro Plastic Prize.


WE ARE NATURE, personally curated by Rossana Orlandi, is a profound dialogue between Design, Technology and Art told through the actors and activists responsible for safeguarding Nature with the goal of achieving an ethical and aesthetic coexistence between Man and Planet.

Rossana Orlandi engages with designers, artists, creators, and researchers reflecting on a path that goes beyond the concept of Sustainability. Instead, they propose a conversation between artistic works, labour, and projects whose aim is to instill and strengthen the concept of #Responsibility in the public consciousness, connecting actors with an indispensable role in safeguarding the collective future of the Planet and cultivating a positive coexistence between Man and Nature.

From this extraordinary collision, a reflection is born: Nature can perhaps do without Man, but the opposite cannot be said; our recent experience of forced isolation is ample proof of this. Indeed, we have the responsibility to protect Nature and in so doing, we protect ourselves. 

The role of Art in articulating the beauty of Nature is to make man aware of what’s at stake, and of what he would lose in the absence of a personal, and consequently collective, #Responsibility. Design is a critical element of this awareness and it must be foremost an Ethical tool that nonetheless honors Aesthetic detail. Every action within the creative process must reflect this responsibility, from the beginning to the end of its life-cycle of production, use and disposal. It is Technology, propelled by constant research and experimentation, that is tasked with rendering these new paths into reality.

In WE ARE NATURE, Rossana Orlandi highlights the Artists, Designers and Start-ups whose work is testimony to the inherent positivity of this concept. In so doing they offer examples of the ways that #Circular Responsibility helps to reverse the damage that Man has inflicted upon Nature. 

The exhibition captures the inherent paradox contained in experiencing profound emotion upon immediate reflection, which is the very goal of the Ethical/Aesthetic union. By illustrating what is #best about our planet, it calls to mind what would, without #responsibility, become indelibly #worse: the threat of species extinction makes the wonderful work of bees even more elegant; the horrors of desertification are made more vivid by examples of the human virtuosity of technological innovation and the hand of an artist; rising global tides are submerged in the surprising beauty of the Art that narrates the fragility of land; the profound legacy of pollution is transformed by the deft hand of conscious production.

The result is a pop dialogue between virtuosi in art, design and technology. Artists include Nacho Carbonell, Chris Jordan, Arik Levy, Tomas Libertiny, Benedetta Mori Ubaldini, Scart progetto Artistico del Gruppo HERA, Value Retail Fidenza Village con l’opera di Antonio Ligabue, for the design, Marie Aigner for pinta acoustic, ANOTHERVIEW, Alessandro Boezio, Bonotto, Emeco, Gianmaria Della Ratta, Mathej Janskj per Gimac + Vibram, Yakusha & Faina, Precious Plastic, Alessandro Rametta|La Fucina di Efesto, Tomek Rygalik, Smile Plastics, Diederik Schneemann, Patricia Urquiola, Weltevree; for the technology Aquafil, ESO, Eurosintex, Gimac + Indexlab, Induplast, Miniwiz, Netafim, Primalbee, Planet Farms, Repower, Sanpellegrino, Wasp.