Educational Social Media
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The millions of young people who make up Generations Z and Alpha live in a constantly interconnected world thanks to their greatest ally, Social Media. The adults of tomorrow are an immense and multi-faceted community who socialize with a single universal language, comprehensible to everyone everywhere.
No borders, no barriers, no differences.Here now, everywhere tomorrow. Small, but determined. Technological, but human.Capable of creating communication phenomena in their techno-lives that change the rhythm of the world
This is the audience for whom designers are asked to imagine, design and plan a communication project to educate about the respect of the Waste and importance of re-Waste. The project must adhere to three basic criteria: sustainability, responsibility and emotionability – the ability to create emotions.
Creatives must design communication projects that can only be used through social media, that explain, engage, involve, educate and teach proactively with a universal, simple and effective language, full of good vibes.
It is possible to apply with projects already existing and/or submitted to other competitions.

If you require a participation letter for your university please write an e-mail specifying name, project name and category to after loading your project.