Plastic was invented in the late 1800’s. Since its invention, over 8 billion metric tons have been globally produced and more than 50% has been discarded or incinerated. This number is constantly growing: over 322 million metric tons are produced each year, and 8 million metric tons end up in our oceans. This is threatening the health of the marine ecosystems and sea-life. All plastic that is not properly disposed of is toxic in nature, not only at sea but on land. The invention of this class of materials was revolutionary and still today polymers are essential in many industries and goods. While researchers are constantly developing biodegradable polymers, what can be done to lessen the burden of oil-based plastics on the ecosystems? Today plastic trash is one of the biggest resources available: plastic has huge possibilities and potentials if transformed .

We need to embrace the power of design and acknowledge the impact it can have. Ro Plastic Prize wishes to unite the design community in the challenge to use plastic waste before it reaches the waterways and to promote the next generation of design: plastic re-using, recycling and upcycling are the challenges that this prize wishes to bring to the global design community.


Rossana Orlandi is launching the third edition of Ro Plastic Prize to challenge and inspire the design community to think differently about how objects are made. The best projects will be presented as Finalists during the Milano Design Week 2021. An international jury of professionals and experts will select the winners among the finalists, one for each category, who will receive a prize of 10.000€.



The Prize is open to creatives from all countries, backgrounds, curricula and ages. For minors, a written consent from a legal guardian could be sought.


In the Application phase, the Projects must be submitted as sketches, photos, drawings, renderings, videos or in a suitable way to convey the scope of the Project. Projects in the Urban and Public Furniture Design selected as Finalists must be then submitted as Prototypes. Each Prototype must be made out of recycled and recyclable plastic. Prototypes may have minor elements made of non-recyclable plastic and/or other materials, provided that such non-recyclable parts can be easily removed in order to make the Prototype wholly recyclable.


In order to participate, designers are requested to read, accept, complete and sign the “Terms and Conditions” – including all the required information describing their projects in detail – and the following related Application form. Applications must be submitted in English.


Please submit videos and/or images to explain the process from the idea to the final result. A personal portrait of the creative or the team is required. The limit for each photo is 3MB and the videos should be submitted through a link to a YouTube or Vimeo channel.

Incomplete applications, missing of vital information to understand your project, will not be considered for further examinations.


Each submission will be evaluated with the following four parameters: innovation, functionality, environmental impact, durability.



We must use the huge quantity of plastic waste generated in our urban and public life: this category aims to create an incredible and unexplored virtuous circle to reward our local communities with recycle projects coming from plastic waste collected by cities.

Creative talents have to design prototypes and works entirely constructed in recycled plastic, for use in urban and public spaces such as streets, stations, educational institutions, children’s playgrounds, parks, squares, sports facilities, stadiums, hospitals, harbors, means of transport, places of cultural interest.

The designers must succeed in creating projects that are a synergy of safety, ergonomics, accessibility, durability and aesthetics, exclusively using recycled plastic while creating beauty and value for our city.

For this Category, it is required predominantly the use of recycled plastic, and to send a realistic mock-up or prototype of the project if it’s selected as a Finalist.


This category is focused on innovative projects that transform Waste into Wealth, to pave the path towards sustainable growth. Responsibility is not just the goal of the project but an inherent component of it, at all levels.

We invite creatives to think and develop systems and services in support of communities and their problems. This category is for projects aimed at improving our attitudes, to redesign the coexistence between man and nature back into balance.

Therefore, the projects can have a wide-ranging design and technological vision, imagining solutions for a meaningful impact on the uncontrolled consumption of natural resources.


To raise awareness about the importance of re-waste, it is no longer enough to talk about sustainability and responsibility. We need to stimulate emotions.

Creatives must present communication projects that explain and involve, based on the criterion of emotion. The design direction must push towards multimedia communication and distribution campaigns that interactive and with high technological values, and are capable of speaking to the whole world through a universal, simple and effective language, full of positive energy.

Finally, the projects must have a lasting cultural value over time, and must not be an end in themselves.




Designers can submit their applications until June 22th, 2021.


JUNE 22th, 2021
Submission deadline

JULY 07th, 2021
Communication of selected finalists

AUGUST 05th, 2021
Submission deadline for prototypes

SEPTEMBER 09th, 2021
Prize Ceremony