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Reform is a life-style brand. Our main aim is to design for a positive social & environmental cause. Directly after the 2011 revolution in Egypt, we were super excited to be part of the great change around us. The feeling of responsibility towards serving our society & environment gave us the motivation to solve some of the major problems which is; waste. We found out that the negative impact of plastic bags on the environment is huge. In Egypt and many other countries its the second most wasted material. Were most of this waste either ends up in, landfills, sea, or burned; which may cause a lot of bad diseases and cancer. So what we have invented is a new ecofriendly fabric were we reform discarded plastic bags into a new fabric called Plastex, that carries an environmental, social, and economical benefits. Plastex is a 100% handmade ecofriendly fabric that is made out of re-used plastic bags integrated with cotton or polyester threads. What Plastex do is help the environment in reusing/recycling wasted plastic bags, prolonging the life cycle of plastic bags from few minutes to years. Socially that we are contributing in reviving the weaving industry in Egypt, encouraging craftsmanship and empowering local communities specially for under privilege women with limited resources and education. We are teaching them new skills and supporting them to create a sustainable income to help their families. The production happens in our workshop that involves, collecting, sorting, turning plastic bags into threads then weaving it on handlooms. There is unlimited possibilities and potential for this beautiful material, we keep on developing it & we came up with hundreds of patterns that applied on different applications. Today we design & produce a whole range of furniture, home accessories and fashion accessories.

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