ALEXANDER SCHUL | Substantial Furniture Line

Prize Category | DESIGN

The aim of my graduation project was to find a way to transform problematic plastic trash into a valuable good. I researched into how plastic can be recycled and came to the conclusion that the most efficient way to recycle plastic trash is to press it into simple sheet material. This way of processing the plastic waste does not require costly and exact separation. The resulting pattern of this process does not only interest me, but also arises from an efficient manufacturing method. Furthermore, I saw the possibility to create stable constructions by thermoforming the sheet material. I chose a sheet material made from recycled plastic packaging (HIPS: high impact polystyrene)(by Smileplastics) as the starting point for my design. This made it possible to form lightweight, material-saving and stable structures, which the design of the furniture is based on. I wanted to keep the design pure and essential in order to give the furniture a visually longlasting appearance. To achieve this, I tried to work exclusively with the sheet material and to use it as efficient as possible. Only for the attachment points of the lower-parts I decided to use stainless steel screws, so the furniture can be disassembled and efficiently transported. Moreover, the reductive design has a number of advantages. Firstly, it is easy to combine with other objects in an interior. Secondly, the production methods required are reduced, making it easily manufacturable. All in all I hope to have created a scalable process that transforms once disposable plastic packaging into long-lasting and aesthetic pieces of furniture.

Origin of the materials | Plastic trash
Type of plastics | HIPS (high impact polystyrene)
Other materials | Stainless steel screws